Aunt Annie’s Asylum

Aunt Annie was beautiful and extremely manipulative. She lured perfectly healthy patients into her hospital boasting about her miraculous cures for everyday ailments. However, behind closed doors, the patients were subjected to horrific and torturous experimental procedures. Once a patient entered the Asylum, they never escaped…

Area 51

You have infiltrated the Area 51 base camp, only to find it completely deserted. All signs point to an imminent alien invasion, you will need to escape the room before it is too late! This escape room is family friendly and lots of fun, book now to secure your spot at Area 51!

Bank Heist

You and your team are about to attempt your biggest bank heist yet. Solve the hi-tech security system and escape with your share of $10 million! Now at our Maroochydore store, this is an escape room experience you don’t want to miss!