Aunt Annie’s Asylum

Maroochydore location

Aunt Annie’s was beautiful and extremely manipulative. She lured perfectly healthy patients into her hospital boasting about her miraculous cures for everyday ailments. However, behind closed doors, the patients were subjected to horrific and torturous experimental procedures. Once a patient entered the Asylum, they never escaped…

Area 51

Maroochydore Location

You and your friends have infiltrated the Area 51 Base Camp, only to find it deserted. All signs point to an imminent alien invasion! Trust us, you do not want to find out what they want.. escape the room before it’s too late! This full length 60 minute escape room is a fun and challenging escape room suitable for 2 to 6 players.

The Mob Job – A Murder Mystery

Maroochydore Location

Tommy Bonnetti, the head of the infamous mafia family has hired you to solve a multiple murder mystery that took place in his VIP lounge. He wants to keep it in the family and you must solve this before the cops do. Tommy has arranged a window of just 60 minutes for you to enter the crime scene and solve this mafia murder mystery. 

This game has a medium/hard difficultly rating, and recommended for ages 12+ . Suitable for 2 to 6 players.


Steampunk Time Lab

Maroochydore Location

You are a group of amateur time travellers and you have mistakenly travelled back in time; right bang in the middle of the black plague! The year is 1894 and the outside world is rife with the rapid spread of the pandemic. Your time lab is safe for 60 minutes, but you must recover your time machine and travel back to the present before you too succumb to the the disease..

Bank Heist

You and your crack team have been commissions to conduct your  biggest bank heist yet! Solve the hi-tech security system and escape with your share of the gold!

This game has a medium difficultly rating, however it is still suitable for beginner to advanced players. Recommended for ages 11+ and available for 2 to 6 players.