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Aunt Annie’s Asylum

You are standing in the actual hospital known as Aunt Annie’s Asylum. This asylum was abandoned many years ago following rumours and tales of horrific treatment of its patients. Aunt Annie’s was beautiful and extremely manipulative. She lured perfectly healthy patients into her hospital boasting about her miraculous cures for everyday ailments. However, behind closed doors, the patients were subjected to horrific and torturous experimental procedures. Once a patient entered the Asylum, they never escaped. To this date the horrors that took place there have been covered up and justice has not been served. It is said that Aunt Annie left behind her confession hidden in the asylum. You need to find the confession and finally seek revenge on evil Aunt Annie.

Beware, the Asylum is not for the faint of heart…

Game Length: 60 minutes

Age guide: 12 +    

Difficulty Rating: Med/Hard

Location: Sunshine Plaza – Maroochydore

What People are Saying

“So much fun!”

“We played Aunt Annie’s Asylum, it was so much fun! The scare level is just right and the difficulty level was also just right. I would highly recommend you go play!”

“We are hooked”

“We loved Annie’s Asylum. It was challenging but it was great. This was our second escape room and we solved both. We are hooked now.”

“Great room”

“We had a fabulous time. What a great room, Auntie Annie Asylum was challenging and lots of variety. Great 16th birthday present.”

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