Will that ‘special someone’ escape with the key to your heart?

Valentine’s Day, the significant date on our calendar to officially celebrate romance is quickly approaching, and perhaps it’s time to step it up and impress your love interest with a unique twist on a date night experience.

Whether it’s a first date, new romance or a night out with your long-term partner, husband or wife, Red Lock Escape Rooms are a fantastic alternative to the old cliché dinner and movie night. This year, try something different to impress your Valentine and escape the conventional style date this February.

New Romance?
Perhaps you’re looking to get a deeper glimpse into the psyche of your new budding romance? Or want to test your compatibility with this person? Being locked in an escape room together may seem intimidating, however, spending an hour together where you are put under pressure to escape and use your brain power can reveal so much more compared to what you might uncover over a meal in a restaurant.

Red Lock Escape Rooms are privately booked, so you and your Valentine can completely immerse yourselves in a shared experience and you can (hopefully!) impress your date with how smart you are without the distraction of others… while we can’t guarantee you will escape in time, we can assure you it will be an experience that will leave a lasting impression. You and your date will still be talking about it for hours, days or if you’re lucky in love, even years to come!

Add a little excitement to your relationship and lock yourselves in for the night!