Ready for date night at Red Lock Escape Rooms this Valentine’s day!? Come by Noosa Junction or Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore to find your romantic night out!


Why is an escape room the perfect date for Valentine’s Day?


It’s Different:

Whether you are going on your first date and meeting off a dating site, or are in a long-term relationship, an escape room as your date of choice is great option because it’s just so different to the usual. Netflix & chill and the typical dinner and a movie is getting so boring, and it says to your date, “i lack creativity, and have nothing going on for me”. When you really want to impress who you’re seeing with a uniqueness factor, you can’t look past Red Lock Escape Rooms. Your date will be so impressed that you thought of something so creative and different to the norm that they will go into the date with anticipation and excitement of something new. So if you really want someone to be hooked on the first date, or to spice things up with your long-term lover, this will do the job.


Escape rooms are memorable:

Not only is it different, but it will be memorable. Having a date so unique will be a memory you (and especially your date) won’t forget. Having the thrill of trying to escape and completing puzzles will give you both so much to talk about afterwards. For a first date, this stand out experience will be hopefully remembered more than other dates they will go on! Winning! For the long-term lovers, there is nothing better than creating special memories with your partner and you will have a great story to tell later on in life.


Adrenaline factor:

Escape rooms boost your adrenaline, which in turn increases excitement and feelings of joy. The escape room experience will help you both bond!



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