An escape room challenge will not just entertain you, it also has the benefit of training your brain! Consider your brain to be much like any muscle; it can benefit from training exercises.

Improve your observational skills, while participating in challenging puzzles and solving cryptic clues. An escape room requires you to look at the bigger picture and keep track of all available details within the game while working under pressure; locked in a room and playing against the clock set’s your mind into a heightened alert state. You will develop the ability to better handle pressure-filled situations if you are continuously exposed to such situations.

Too often we disregard our intuition by over thinking, eventually making some wrong decisions. While logical thinking is very important in an escape room, you may find following your gut feeling to be beneficial, helping you to improvise and think outside the box.

Playing escape rooms also challenge the brain’s ability to recall information. Often clues found early on in the game cannot be utilised until you get deeper into the game, requiring you to retain vital information.

Problem-solving improves your brain’s mental speed, cognitive thinking, and memory by constantly putting it to the test. Playing Escape Rooms regularly is an excellent way to keep your brain sharp and stay mentally agile. Filled with a variety of challenges, Red Lock Escape Rooms contain logical puzzles, mathematical puzzles, abstract and memory-based clues, as well as some technical tasks. Our Escape Rooms are constantly challenging the mind with new types of problems to solve. Then, when you are successful solving a clue, that lovely dopamine kicks in, giving you a happiness boost!

Here at Red Lock Escape Rooms in Noosa and Maroochydore, we are on a mission to bring players the most immersive, fun yet challenging escape room experience found anywhere on the Sunshine Coast, so book your escape room game today and give your brain a great workout.