Red Lock Escape Rooms provide the unique opportunity to work alongside your friends, family, and even co-workers, in a way that is both entertaining and challenging.

Our ‘live game entertainment’ rooms are fun and engaging activities that can be utilized to coach corporate teams in communication development and team building strategies, as well as the opportunity to observe your colleague’s own unique communication style.

To successfully complete the escape room, your team must work well together against the clock, to solve all the puzzles and clues before the 60-minute time is up. Whilst our games are challenging, they are also fun and bound to have a few laugh-out-loud moments that your team will talk about for months or years to come.

Observing the Team Players Mindset
The benefit of an escape room for team building is the unique opportunity to assess each of your team’s mindsets outside of the usual workplace setting. You will gain a new insight as you observe your colleagues in a unique environment. Some things you will be able to assess: are they quick to bond and strategize together with their teammates, or do they tend towards solving a puzzle on their own? Are they inclined to get frustrated or create conflict or do they remain calm and share their thoughts? Or perhaps there are members in the group that step back and let others take on the task of solving the puzzles?

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