Escape Rooms are a fantastic form of mind-bending entertainment for young and old! While lots of escape rooms are designed with adults in mind, are there escape rooms age-appropriate for kids?

Absolutely yes! Kids are often amazing at solving puzzles, completing tasks, and having totally uninhibited fun. While some of our rooms are difficult, our ‘Mad Scientist’ escape room is a fast and fun escape room experience for kids as young as 7 to show off their detective skills (and kids under 7 are welcome to join for free). With only 20 minutes on the clock, our Mad Scientist room is the perfect length of time to entertain the (sometimes) short attention span of youngsters.  Our family friendly escape room, with loads of interactive tasks, puzzles and riddles is suitable for up to 6 players. Mad Scientist is not a physically exerting game, which lets children have creative, fun experiences solving puzzles and riddles that allow them to expand their minds and create new solutions under the pressure of time without being physically exhausted. It’s also good to remember that the little ones don’t have to solve entire puzzles on their own. They can help with unlocking items, spotting patterns and finding clues. Basically, as long as you’re happy to help them out and make them feel included, the experience will be fun for all.

So, book online today, jump inside our Mad Scientist Escape Room with your kiddos and foil the Mad Scientist’s plan to turn all of humanity into cats!

The Mad Scientist Escape Room is located within our Sunshine Plaza store in Maroochydore.