Escape Room Birthday Parties

Red Lock Escape Rooms is happy to help you have the best birthday experience! We offer two different packages for all ages, so no matter what there’s bound to be something for your party.
While most of our escape rooms are limited to six people in each one, your group can split across our rooms and race each other to get out first. Your teams can play simultaneously with our party
packages, something that isn’t always guaranteed when making a regular booking.

Take part in a single escape package and race each other! Each team has 60 minutes to escape the room alongside each other, followed by a photo in each one and a group photo of the entire party.
At $35 per person, this deal is a value-for-money opportunity you do not want to miss! A double escape builds on the same concept as a single escape but gives teams the opportunity to
play another room after they escape the first one! Whether you want to swap rooms or experience entirely new ones, at $55 per person it is not a deal you want to miss. This package does account for
the 60 minutes in each room, therefore can take up to 2 – 2.5 hours depending on the desired break in between. Similar to the single escape packages, the double escape comes with the photos of each
teams escape and a big group one at the end.

Along with what’s included in the party packages, you might even find your own present from us inside the room! For birthday parties in North Lakes or the Sunshine Coast you do not want to miss
out on this opportunity.