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After buying a your licence key will be sent within 24 hours
(if ordered during Australian office hours key is sent in 1-2 hours)


Play online anytime

A fascinating web based escape game full of wow factors
which you can play without leaving your house.


You have a chance to investigate a mystery from the past:
2020, an opening of the time capsule solemnly buried in 2000 turns into a worldwide mystery when
strange files named SARS CoV 2 are discovered among its contents. How did they get there and what
is in those files? Will you be able to find out?

This educational science fiction thriller is  a challenging game for 1 person or a whole team.

Game Length: 60 – 90 minutes
Age guide: 8 +
Difficulty Rating: 8/10
Price $30 per game. 1 player or a whole team. If you share your screen with other players then you can play the game as a team. Or buy one licence for each player and then all players can have full control of the game.


What does the game look like?

The game is an educational science fiction thriller. One of a kind web based virtual game. 
Featuring High quality graphics and sound, with puzzles that will challenge even the most sophisticated

How does it work?

This online escape room experience is played in your web browser. After buying the game you will receive the website link and key normally within 2 hours of purchasing but please allow up to 24 hours (the key is manually emailed to you after placing your order, during normal office hours Brisbane time the key is sent very quickly ). You can start the game at any time, but once started the key expires after 3 hours. In other words, you cannot start the game one day and come back to it the next day with the same key. 

You can share the game experience with others by inviting them to your own zoom, webex any other group chat. This allows you to buy one key and have multiple people join in. However only one player has control of the game. Buy multiple licences if you need all players to have complete control of the game.

What do I need?

The game is best played from a computer, not a mobile phone. Ideally a laptop, or a desktop that has a microphone and speakers/headphones.

You will also need an internet connection.

If you want your friends to join in the fun then you should invite them to a group chat/video call before starting the game. If you are using something like zoom, you can share your screen for all the other players.

We also recommend having a pen/paper available.

When can I play?

Once you buy the game we will send you the key and a website link. You can then start the game anytime you wish.

Please note once you start the game the key will expire in 3 hours.