New Escape Room in Brisbane!

Escape Room enthusiasts of the Brisbane area this one is for you! Sunshine Coasts award winning Red Lock Escape Rooms has opened up a brand new location at Westfield, North
Lakes. Now is the time to find your dream team and make your way to Red Lock Escape Rooms!

With four different and incredible adventures to choose from, we have something for the whole family, every mate, coworker, and foe (if that’s the kind of challenge you are looking
for!) Red Lock Escape Room’s newest location includes The Wizard’s Apprentice, Area 52, Aunt Annie’s Asylum and The Mob Job, each one harder than the last! Think you can work
your way through them all? We dare you to try!

Aunt Annie and Mob boss Tommy Bonnetti are family favourites up the Sunshine Coast, and now its Brisbane’s turn to get in on the fun. Help the victims of Aunt Annie have the final say
by searching her abandoned asylum for her hidden confession. But be careful… Annie is a strict woman. Tommy Bonnetti wants to keep it in the family in The Mob Job and solve the
murders that took place in his VIP lounge before the cops arrive. He needs YOU.

Along with two favourites, comes two brand new rooms! Whether it is your final year at the Academy of Magic and it is time to take your BEWT (Brutally Exasperating Wizarding Test) to
unlock your FELMAS 2000 broomstick and graduate or if it’s infiltrating the Area 52 base camp, only to find it completely deserted. All signs point to an imminent alien invasion, you
will need to escape the room before it is too late!

Now, I just know that sounds good! For more information on the newest Brisbane escape room, click here.