Do you love a challenge? Are you a problem-solving guru? Do you think of yourself as a genius when it comes to puzzles and riddles? If you answered a resounding yes to all of these questions, then without a doubt an Escape Room challenge is just for you!

At Red Lock Escape Rooms we have multiple games at different difficulty levels to choose from – so whether you are a seasoned ‘Escape Master’ or a first timer, there will be an ideal room for you.

Maroochydore – Sunshine Plaza rooms:

For first-timers or those looking for an express challenge, our MAD SCIENTIST game is a fast paced 20-minute game where you have to race against the clock to save all of humanity from being turned into cats!

For the lovers of outer-space or those convinced there is intelligent species beyond the planet earth, then our Area 51 game could be the out-of-this-world gaming challenge you are looking for. With the time set at sixty minutes, will you escape base camp before the aliens arrive? Let’s hope you do, or risk becoming an alien experiment!

Noosa Junction rooms:

Are you looking to escape to the biggest, fun party capital of the world – Vegas? Do you think you will manage to escape with your dignity sill intact? No regrets of a wild night out? Well, you know what they say “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”…and that is exactly the name of this game – so before you live to regret being caught for your wild antics in this crazy city, you had better escape within the sixty minutes you have before security arrive and arrest you – the last thing you want is to be locked up in a Vegas prison cell with all those seedy drunks!

If over-riding high tech security and pulling of an epic bank robbery that has you swimming in cash sounds like your idea of the ultimate challenge to accomplish, then our BANK HEIST room will get you excited! Racing against the clock, you have just 1 hour to mastermind the biggest robbery before the swat team swoop in for your arrest – are you up for the challenge?